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etching facilities

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What is safe etching?

  • No hazardous fumes
  • No exposure to dangerous acids or solvents
  • Accessible processes for mark-making
  • Consistent results
  • Compatible with traditional effects (aquatint, sugar lift)
  • Innovative advanced techniques

As a result of a grant by the Arts Council of Wales the Workshop has adopted an innovative etching ground developed by Andrew Baldwin of Trefeglwys Printmaking studio Wales

BIG Safe Etching at SPW offers the printmaker a safer alternative in etching with the same level of creative opportunities as traditional materials without exposure to hazardous chemicals. For the beginner, BIG provides an accessible process for spontaneous and diverse mark-making. For the experienced printmaker, BIG provides medium for consistent, excellent results.

SPW  has the facility for etching copper, aluminium and zinc.

etching facilities

For etching aluminium and zinc, copper sulphate crystals and etching trays are available in the degreasing area.

For etching copper, a vertical etching tank is maintained capable of immersing large copper plates.