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Susan Adams

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Participating Artist in the ImPORT/ExPORT exchange programme with EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS

I studied Fine Art at Norwich and the Slade Schools of Art and later gained an MA in Electronic Arts at Middlesex University.  I exhibit internationally and have held a number of prestigious Artist in Residency positions including those at Gloucester Cathedral, Millay Colony for the Arts New York, Welsh National Opera, Bardsey Island and Shaftesbury Abbey.

I use a range of media including printmaking, painting, polychromed wood and video.  The imagery explores the relationship between fantasy and lived experience and the locations in which these two worlds collide.  I am interested in the uncanny, the half-alive as manifest in objects like puppets, automatons, sites in which the mechanical and the organic find an uneasy relationship.

For the exchange with Edinburgh Printmakers I shall be building on recent imagery developed for my major solo exhibition at MOMA Wales There are Receivers in the Woods.  I began to explore our relationship with wireless technologies, finding a visual parallel with the hermit saint in isolation looking to the sky for special knowledge.

I am fascinated with the subterranean area of Edinburgh which was inhabited by the very poorest during the industrial revolution.  Somehow I would like to work that into the imagery, especially as the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening rapidly at the moment; an important theme in much science-fiction is the forgotten underclass living almost like animals.

I shall be working with etching techniques, principally acrylic resist, alternative etching and photo etching during the exchange.