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Members Newsletter August 2017

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Exhibiting opportunities

SPW | Members Exhibition @ Oystermouth Castle

Exhibition dates: September 1st - September 10th.

Exhibition dates: September 1st - September 10th.
This is an opportunity to show a small selection of work at this much visited tourist attraction. It will also attract extra interest by being on display on Sept 9th, Open Doors day.
There are 16 panels with approx 24”wide X 48”high hanging space.
Roger and Ruth Parmiter have kindly offered to collect the work from the studio and hang it on August 31.
If you would like to be included in this could you email or text 07963769780 to confirm by Tuesday August 15. I will then contact you by return to let you know the space available to you
Framed work only with mirror plates please
The work needs to be labelled on the back with Name /Title / Medium / Price / Contact telephone no.
Drop off days| Sunday 27 and Tuesday 29

SPW@Tower Gallery | Oriel Twr | Crickhowell

Usk Valley Artists’ Co-operative
WE have been offered the opportunity to exhibit at this gallery from 10th January - 2nd March 2018.

Tower Gallery Crickhowell

This is open to members to submit work. If you would like to submit work could you register your interest in any of the following ways       TEXT | 07963769780

You will then be contacted with further information about the space and the drop off days.

The Tower Gallery in Crickhowell is a fine art co-operative gallery founded by its members in 2014, and is known as the home of the Usk Valley Artists. The gallery has a new exhibition of work every eight weeks, featuring each member, or invited artists and fine art craftspeople. It is open from 10am -5pm, Wednesday to Saturday


Hannah Firmin: Illustrator and printmaker |Graeme Galvin: Theatre designer and printmaker| Michael Howard: Painter| Kay Leverton: Scraperboard artist |Lesley Lillywhite: Artist printmaker| Harriet Lloyd: Painter and collagist| Robert Macdonald: Painter and printmaker| Philippine Sowerby: Artist in wood


49 High Street | Crickhowell | Powys NP8 1BH | Telephone:01873 812495

Email: |
Workshops coming up

Chris Carter | October 3-5

Kelly Stewart | October | date to be confirmed

Sarah Hopkins | January | date to be confirmed

Workshop with visiting American Artist | Chris Carter
Enhanced Colour for Artists and Printmakers

Chris Carter header

October 3 – 5 | 2017 | 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

To register contact Anne Gullick ( or 01792207620)

Questions? contact cell (USA): 00 1 908-399-5186

Fee:   £140 non-members,   £130 ordinary members,     £120 full/keyholder members

DESCRIPTION: We begin with a simplified explanation of basic colour theory and how it can be helpful to determine the result of applying layers of colour during the printmaking process. Next, we determine colour tone (value) on our palettes and observe how the tone and hue changes when pigments are mixed or layered. From that strong foundation of understanding how pigments interact, we will mix beautiful neutrals using a limited palette of six pigments to further understand and predict the result of layered interactions. Finally, we explore how choosing colour by tone and temperature can strengthen both design and composition.

Tues | Saturated colour and effects of layered hues

Wed | Colour tone (value) and temperature  

Thursday| Beautiful Neutrals and making choices that enhance and strengthen your work.

American artist, Chris Carter, travels extensively to explore the world with pen and brush and to observe the nuances of colour as it changes with the passage of time and season. Both at home and abroad, she draws and paints daily in sketchbooks, studying the natural world and the inventions of mankind; cities, roadways, machinery and objects of all sorts. She brings the knowledge gleaned from her sketches and color studies back into the studio to better express in large, abstract paintings, her greatest passion of all, movement through space and the patterns of energy.

Visit her website at

American artist, Chris Carter comes highly recommended with this in depth practical study of colour workshop. See full details on the current workshop page

Newsleter July 2017

open day 2017 composite

Open Days

Many Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of our Open Days in June. It was a success in financial terms as well as attracting new visitors and print buyers to the studio. As a result we have more people on our mailing list for future events.

open day 2017 composite 2

We took approximately £2500 over the week, with nearly £1000 of this going directly to artist print sales. The rest was made of up sales of donated prints /refreshments /cards and the raffle.

Particular thanks to the artist who put on the print demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, which was a big draw for many of the visitors. Although most of the sales were on the weekend it was worth opening for the rest of the week as there was a steady trickle of visitors and some more sales. Many thanks to those who gave up their time to look after the exhibition and talk to visitors during that week.

The Brecknock Trust

Due to the good offices of Robert Macdonald, one of our directors, the Brecknock Trust have once again given us a grant, this time for £1500. We are investing it in an upgrade of some of our IT support and an A3 scanner for the computer in the drawing room. This is more satisfactory than using a camera for scanning work and represents a considerable investment for us. Our last one cost £1000 and worked for 10 years so we can’t complain. Members are welcome to use the scanner to get their work digitised. You can scan direct to Photoshop Elements and do any tweaking there.

Kelly Stewart Workshop

KS ws drawing day

We were lucky with the weather on the drawing day at Mumbles and had a great range of drawings at the end of it.

Kelly’s workshop was an intensive process covering layers of printing with multiple images on screen and challenges for registration. The outcomes were great and we learnt a lot about organising images and print set up as well as colour and ink management. It made us re-think some aspects of our set-up

.KS Drawings

Keeping the use of the power washer to an absolute minimum. Most of the wash up was done at the printing table with a bowl of water and clean sponge. Hosing down screens gently initially in the washout bay, where chemicals are used, rather than blasting them into the air unnecessarily.

ks workshop

IMG 5836

We will no longer be providing plastic pots for mixing ink. Instead we would ask people to bring their own jam jars with lids which can be washed and re-cycled.

Bowls are provided for mixing inks – this enables a really good mix and the spatulas get every last drop of your mix ready to use. Anything you want to keep or make available for others to use can go in a jam jar.

A full set of notes from the workshop are in the Workshop manual in the studio for reference. Anyone who attended the workshop will be emailed a copy.

Kelly will be back in October to run a workshop, so if you are interested let us know. She can also offer the printing course plus the opportunity to make an artist book incorporating print with bookbinding.

WORKSHOP | Screenprinting with Sarah Hopkins

SPW open day 2017 040617 021SPW open day 2017 040617 021

Sarah is running this workshop on the weekend of August 5 and 6. Those of you who are familiar with her work will know that she has her own unique approach to designing for print, capitalising on cut and torn paper stencils to build up the design through coloured layers. No coating of screens, no exposures – just cutting and a lot of thought!

This is a very open, non technical approach enabling great flexibility as you go through the design process.

We are offering this workshop in house first to members before we open it up to the general public.

See workshop page for full details