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Gill Tyson

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Participating Artist in the ImPORT/ExPORT exchange programme with EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS

My main practice is in lithography, concentrating on the richness of expressive marks within this medium, which I often combine with screenprinting, building up layers of colour to create a depth and intensity in deceptively simple and distilled imagery. My work has been likened to “painting in slow motion”.

I am drawn to remote, often bleak and harsh, environments - places as diverse as Orkney, The Lofoten Islands and the Namib Desert. I look for incidents of manmade presence in places that are in some ways inhospitable. It’s often a seemingly out of place marker in the landscape; a circus poster on a telegraph pole by the Arctic Sea, a kilometre marker in the Namib Desert. My last exhibition, called It’s The End Of The Road, was a series of images looking at places where the road runs out; a pier collapsed into the sea, a remote community on the west coast, an abandoned signal station in Donegal.

I propose to respond to the sense of place in Swansea and the surrounding area, looking particularly at its relationship to the coast and the sea; Swansea and Edinburgh share a closeness to their respective coasts and it is this affinity I would like to explore.

From Edinburgh you can quickly find yourself in deserted spots and the sea is ever present in the vistas seen from the centre of town or from one of the seven hills.  The connection with its broader location influences and informs what it is like to live in a coastal city; it helps to put the preoccupations and distractions of city into context.

I’m looking forward to exploring Swansea and the surrounding area, camera and sketchbook in hand, and returning to the studio to translate these impressions into, I hope, evocative images in print.

Gill Tyson It’s The End Of The Road-Diabeg Pier Lithograph 38x57cm