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Open Days June 3 - 9

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Sale of original prints | cards |drawings and handmade items

Original prints and artists cards are for sale at very reasonable prices.
Artist members have donated prints which allows us to offer a limited number below gallery prices.

The Drawing Room gallery open every day June 3 - 9 | 10.30 - 4.00 |

Demonstrations of some of the fascinating techniques we use to make ORIGINAL PRINTS

SATURDAY JUNE 3 | 10.30 TO 4.30

2.00 | DRYPOINT |Dave Barron| This is a very accessible technique with no chemicals or processing involved . The paper plates can be cut into any shapes quite easily. They are then inked up and printed on one of our three etching presses.

11.00 | LINOCUT | Alan Figg | how to make and print a linocut on our 19th century Columbian Press. Using traditional lino or newer vinyl based material, this is a technique you can work on at home and print without a press.

SUNDAY JUNE 4 | 10.30 TO 4.30
Demonstrations of some of the fascinating techniques we use to make ORIGINAL PRINTS

11.00 | Monotype printing | Rose Davies |This is one of the simplest methods of converting drawing to print and can be mostly done at home, in the life drawing studio or in the field with minimal preparation and basic equipment and materials, but the results can be fantastic. This is probably the nearest that printmaking gets to drawing
and painting.
11.30 | Screenprinting | Sarah Hopkins | This is an increasingly popular method of printing for beginners and professionals alike, because it can accommodate a wide range of finished effects. Sarah will demonstrate a paper stencil approach – a simple technique with very sophisticated results.
2.00 | Watercolour Woodblock | Judith Stroud | Moku hanga is the Japanese term for woodblock print (moku means wood and hangameans print). Water-borne pigments are used rather than oil-based or even water-based printing inks and the pigment is brushed onto the block rather than applied with rollers. Pigments are then applied to the paper by hand using a baren rather than a mechanical press.
2.30 | Inking up and printing an etching plate |Ian Fisher | Etching is one of our most technically involved processes for making a print. Weteach etching using the grounds invented by Andrew Baldwin of Trefeglwys Studio which are based on environmentally sourced materials as well as supporting a fantastic creative range of approaches. This is an opportunity to buy original prints at very reasonable prices, to watch demonstrations of how these prints are made and help support a community asset. Bring your friends along and enjoy a homemade cake and a drink. We run courses if you want to learn a process and if you are a member, have the opportunity to exhibit your work.
SALE of original prints by children on our Outreach programmes
We encourage young printmakers and take every opportunity to work
with schools and the local authority education services. We have a great collection of prints by young people who have created a small editions of original prints.
We acknowledge our support by: The Arts Council of Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government, City and County of Swansea
REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE ALL DAY come in, have a drink and a cake and browse the prints