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Bill Chambers

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Participating Artist in the ImPORT/ExPORT exchange programme with EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS

I am interested in new technologies and how these can be integrated into existing printmaking processes. My work reflects many influences, not least of which is my association with India, Rajasthan and my continuing engagement with the world of textile design and printing. The prints that I make and my job as a teacher of printmaking skirt the realms of craft, technology and fine art in equal measure.

This year I have been given an Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award. The project will involve experimenting with new media by working in collaboration with staff of the Contemporary Textiles Course at UWIC. The intention is to create new works by experimenting with digital stitch, laser cutting and digital print in conjunction with existing processes. This project is based on the architecture and urban environment of Newport and will culminate in a catalogue and exhibition at the Riverfront Arts Centre in Newport.

I am fascinated by all aspects of architecture and the inner city, so it will be hugely exciting for me to explore the many sides of Edinburgh. I hope to discover places and buildings that reflect the theme of the project so will begin by looking at the harbour and evidence of Edinburgh’s industrial past. I am also interested in the corporate side of the capital and will be seeking out buildings and interiors that stand for the city’s business and financial life.

The chance to make work at the Edinburgh Print Workshop is a privilege and a huge opportunity. I look forward to being introduced to this highly regarded centre for print and can hardly wait to start.

 Bill Chambers Atrium II  Screen print / adhesive transfer 19 x 28 cm