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With hundreds of prints to choose from Swansea Print Workshop is a great place to buy art.

Whether you are looking to add to your art collection or if you’re buying a gift, we always have a great variety of original prints to suit every pocket and taste.

You can drop in to the Workshop to browse and purchase a print, or take a look at our full selection of available prints that we show on-line.   Prints can be also purchased on-line through our easy payment – Click and Buy with Paypal.

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Collector's Items

Collector’s box set to mark the 50th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ death.

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TWELVE PRINTMAKERS, living and working in Dylan's hometown, Swansea, responded to the poem, ‘especially when the october wind’. The twelve signed prints are loosely bound in a tejo green handcrafted box with embossed copper lettering and cinnamon lining, made at the Fine Bindery, Northampton.

Printed on acid free cotton paper, commissioned from the Wookey Hole Papermill, Somerset, with the paper moulds supplied by Aimes & Son Ltd., Coxheath, Kent, the paper weighs 425 gsm and carries the watermarks SPW and GAA, abbreviations for the Swansea Print Workshop and its Welsh name Gweithdy Argraffu Abertawe.

All prints are fully authenticated and the box contains a colophon signed by Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas’s daughter.

For further information and to purchase, visit our Collector's Items page.

Childrens' Artwork

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Swansea Print Workshop has a long history of engaging with young printmakers and groups in the community. Much of this is done through projects work which provides the links between practising artists and the community.

Part of our mission statement is to nurture these young printmakers and to encourage them to draw and print. We do small editions when working with youngsters and encourage them to sign of the editions professionally and we regularly exhibit their work alongside the printmaker members of the Workshop.

Editioning allows the school to keep one print from the edition to display, participants have some to take home and we keep one to display and for our archives. We also sell these prints to put money back into the organisation to fund further project work.

Changing Swansea Project